The Bloomlight Collection is such a special collaboration for Eggy and Orion Jewelry Design, a true pioneer project unlike anything any of us have worked on before. Our goal was to create a physical manifestation of the music of Eggy. It is a rendering of the band’s vibrant melodies, radiating harmonies and most sincere lyrical stories into comfortable, durable jewelry crafted for daily wear.

    I hope you enjoy reading up on the creative process and some of the behind the scenes details on how this has come to life! If you want to know even more about the design process, conglomeration of ideas and fabrication techniques, click the link below to visit my Patreon where even more of the nitty gritty details will be available!


Golden Pietersite

Sunset Sodalite

Black Leopard Skin Jasper




Brown Green Chrysoprase


Bronzite with Lepidolite

Smoky Quartz

Black Sunstone

Tiger's Eye


Silver Leaf Jasper

Coffee Bean Jasper

Blonde Sandalwood

Aqua Terra Jasper

Red Creek Jasper

Sesame Jasper

The majority of the beads used in this collection have such a wide range of variety, with any given stone containing beads that look completely different from one another. Swapping out one or two single beads can easily change the look and feel of an entire bracelet. Almost every bead involved has this fascinating dynamic variation, where all the moving parts have to speak to each other and carry on a conversation. The space between these similarities and variations breathes life into this collection, giving a vague but familiar feeling of kinship, connection and closeness. 

 I wanted to keep the material selections like a true palette to lay the foundation for this collection, so I decided to invest in all new beads and stones that I’ve never worked with before in my other jewelry. During the beginning of this project, I made a rule for myself that whenever I was working on this collection, I had to be listening to Eggy. It’s been really important to allow the music to drive the design process and transcend every aspect of the project. My goal was to select beads that were absolutely unique to this collection, and that felt like Eggy.


Although the results may be sleek and simple, the logistical steps involve meticulous planning and measuring, as well as many phases of heating the metal to become soft and ready to welcome the lettering without becoming rigid and warped. Anywhere that has been struck needs to be resurfaced on the reverse side by sanding and polishing, so all of the charms and cuffs have to go through the process multiple times to achieve the stamping on both sides. 

For this collection, I had to invest in quite a few new tools and skills. Before any of the production began, I had to select the perfect font, carefully measure how the text would fit within the right length/width of silver and map out the logo in relation to the other elements. Once I had every detail smoothed out, I was able to order the silver, the alphabet stamp set and had the Eggy logo stamp and the Tom Corn stamp custom made. Should out to Buckeye Engraving for the incredible custom stamps!

I also designed these cuffs before ever attempting stamped pieces with text so there was a LOT to learn through trial and error. To put it into perspective, my more complex stamped pieces before this project would require 5-7 individual strikes of the hammer. The Tom Corn Cuff requires a grand total of 37 very precise strikes. My process for stamping these cuffs involves a ton of practicing on scrap copper (which has a totally different feel compared to silver) and ultimately hyping myself up as much as possible with deep breaths, of course some hard boiled Eggy jams and shaking out the nerves before going into the final phase of actually stamping the lyrics onto the silver. Prepping the silver by filing, shaping and sanding takes hours, where it’s possible to totally mess up the cuff by misstamping in a fraction of a second. No pressure though! 


I’ve been kicking around this idea for years now of how to translate the energy of a live music experience into the wearable world. I’ve created a few smaller series inspired by certain artists’ music before, ( see Seekers Series below ) but this is the first fully developed collection that felt like a true collaboration through the entirety of the process. Working together with the Eggy crew to really dig into this exploration has been such an incredible experience, I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity to push the boundaries of what we do.

This project was started in January of 2021 and we are SO excited to finally share this with you all! When it comes down to it, whatever the medium is whether it be music, jewelry, photography the real magic comes from the spark shared between people. Being able to feel alongside another human is the most special thing we can do.

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