All necklaces come with an 18″ chain, but minor adjustments can be made at no additional charge. These necklaces are designed for the wearer to notice the stone and its weight, which rests at the fundamental point above the Heart Center, or Anahata.

Aventurine Slab Necklace on Silver Chain

Aventurine is often called the "stone of opportunity," because of its tendency to manifest luck, wealth and prosperity. It helps align conditions for opportunity to be inevitable, as well as providing a better understanding and appreciation for nature's soothing ways.


Amazonite Slab Necklace on Gold Chain

Amazonite can aid in communication by energizing words to align more closely with your real thoughts and ideals, rather than societal standards. Supports creative flow and enables the truth to be put into words with ease.


Lapis Lazuli Slab Necklace on Gold Chain

Lapis has been highly regarded for thousands of years for its mystical beauty. Its deeply celestial properties are seen as a universal symbol of wisdom, truth and distinctly regal qualities. Activating the higher mind and intellect, Lapis also encourages honesty and spirit, resulting in a greater capacity to communicate in an open and loving way. Comes with 18" Gold Plated Rolo Chain Length Adjustments available upon request All shipping and tax is included in this price