My intention is to craft dependable, comfortable and memorable jewelry that feels like an authentic extension of ourselves and the ever changing seasons. I strive to create jewelry that somehow captures the feeling of connection and belonging in the natural world; Gathering up tiny moments of experience and stringing them together into something tangible that can be carried with you.

Using tools that allow me to interact directly with the material gives me the opportunity to carefully observe, and respond to the development of each piece. Creating the Mountains requires a very slow and intentional process; there is no way around that. Moving back and forth between the reduction and polishing processes countless times lets the silver speak for itself. Digging into the material with somewhat aggressive action, balanced by meticulous hand polishing, gives way to expressive textures that feel alive. Watching the nooks and crannies of each formation emerge is truly magical. Letting things unfold organically is essential to the creation of these mountains, and serves as a faithful reminder to take time to stop and listen.

Val Walis



Every piece honors growth and carries a deep reverence for taking time to appreciate the things that bring us joy, no matter the shape or size. Remembering we are always receiving and opening to life.


We carefully select material by observing the rhythms of nature. Witnessing both the slow and the explosive transformations and carrying that spirit with us.


Designed with intention to deliver a constant reminder of what is important to us. Establishing and maintaining our own rituals of self-love and allowing that spark to spread to others.



Hand-sawn Sterling Silver landscapes and meticulously set gemstones. A glance into an extraordinary world that can be worn every day


A dependable, comfortable item that serves as a faithful companion.


An authentic extension of ourselves and the changing seasons.


Available in a diverse assortment. Durable, well crafted and memorable.


Durable, lightweight and hypoallergenic. Made with harmonizing combinations of gemstones and precious metals.









“I rock Orion Jewelry because it fits my earthy personality. Val uses a lot of Jasper and that is one of my favorite stones. Her pieces are grounding and calming. I’m a huge fan of her work.”

Hayley Jane

“When sun falls and moon climbs, a softer light is cast. It hunts and hunts until it finds, the ones adorned in Orion.”

Aaron Stinson

“Adorning myself with the work of Orion Jewelry Design is my way to communicate to the world values of authenticity, creativity and connections to that mysterious dimension of nature and the universe intersecting. The best part is that each piece feels like it was made for me, even if that was not the intention at the time. The jewelry all stacks well or on its own. My favorite combination is one chain, one pendant and one beaded, with tons of bracelets, always!”

Emily Walis

“As soon as I saw the drop necklace I knew it was for me, Val was the sweetest and knew the names of stones. I also loved the tiny dainty lotus necklace. The apatite stone in the drop was just what I needed for clarity, and the aventurine in the lotus necklace for heart healing and emotional calming. I also requested a necklace for a friends birthday and she sent the necklace promptly with the cutest birthday note with explanation of the stones and connection to her zodiac sign. Val’s Orion jewelry is lovely.

Gabe Anna
Burlington, VT

“I am lucky enough to own 2 beautiful necklaces handcrafted by the artist Val Walis. She is inspirational & a beautiful soul who works hard & is so fun to be around. Her work is impeccable & I’m proud to wear it on a regular basis!

Kathleen Guotos

” I love the design and the choice of stones. It makes me feel grounded, aware and peaceful.

Max Stone

“When i picked out the perfect necklace, it made me feel extremely happy and confident when I put it on. it was comfortable and a perfect length for me! this jewelry, I now will wear frequently, will display to the world my style and personality that I am happy to show off.

Nicole Moyak
Girard, PA

“It just makes me happy. There are times that I look at it and wonder if I should take it off if I’m wearing another necklace… but I never do!

Chelsea Waxenberg

“I wear the quartz choker I bought daily; it honestly feels so light and small that I forget I’m even wearing it. The fit is perfect and it definitely feels like an extension of myself. I feel much calmer wearing it and it helps me stay grounded.

Colleen Elizabeth
Centreville, VA



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