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“Transforming Shared Passion

and Energy into Action”


WSF recognizes that people in the communities where we are gathering depend on the services of these community level nonprofits and realize we have an obligation and opportunity to transform our shared passion and energy into action, service and support for these vital organizations.


Western Sun Foundation is an all volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Donations made directly to Western Sun Foundation are invested into fundraising events, special projects like and our Charitable Giving Program, where grants are awarded to small to mid-sized nonprofits in the local neighborhoods that Goose fans travel through to directly support the communities.


Additionally, your generous monetary donation made directly to Western Sun Foundation helps defray the costs involved with running a federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization: insurance coverage, annual incorporation/state required registration fees and hired professional fees. Donations are also allocated towards the organization’s overhead costs for things like shipping, web hosting fees and other administrative costs that are associated with running a nonprofit organization. 

Get Involved!

I’m SO excited to announce an official partnership with Western Sun Foundation!

Working alongside this organization is such an honor. This community has given me so much support over the years on SO many levels. It just feels fundamentally necessary to do anything within my capabilities to help share that feeling with other people, especially if I can do it through the medium I know and love so much.


I’ve never been a part of something like this before, watching it all unfold in such an organic way has been beyond inspiring. Everyone working on this project has really shown up for something they wholeheartedly believe in, and so much of the organization has just fallen into place because that’s the seed. Followed by a total willingness to share whatever skills they have and learn from each other’s work that’s brought to the table. It’s really incredible to know I have a place in that big, beautiful web somewhere. 

One thing I find really interesting about working on WSF is how much of that vision already exists. It’s like, people are already aware of “it” and are so eager to help others around them but sometimes don’t know how. I think if we can step in and offer up different avenues for people to contribute, we’re basically just facilitating positive changes and expanding this wonderful energy that’s already bouncing around through everyone. That’s the beautiful thing about it, we’re not building this loving, supportive community. That part is already there. We’re just the mycelium, allowing and encouraging the tiny threads that connect us all to light up and pass along the essentials for a healthy, happy life, which everyone deserves. 

I absolutely can’t wait to see where this partnership takes us!

All the Best,

Val Walis



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