The process of working in pairs has to be slow and intentional; there is no way around that. These mountains were cut, textured and polished separately but simultaneously. Moving back and forth between the reduction process and polishing process countless times to maintain similar textures, forms and silhouettes for each pair. They grew together organically, with some natural variation while maintaining a look and feel of being equal and balanced. Working in this way allowed the faces of the mountains to reveal themselves slowly and naturally, following the order of controlled chaos at a pace that is gentle and hypnotic. Finding the balance between calculated precision and spontaneous intuition was key. Each individual exists in a way that is beautiful on its own, but as a pair it exists as a whole new entity.



I know that she sows each and every piece she creates with intention. I’m so grateful that she’s passed them on to me.
Daniel Berger

I love to learn about the energy and healing powers of each stone, and Val is very knowledgeable on the subject!
Tori Ciara

Valerie’s jewelry fits so many styles including bohemian and hippie but also classy and simple!
Elise Olmstead

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