Creating these Mountain pieces requires a very slow and intentional process; there is no way around that. Moving back and forth between the reduction and polishing processes countless times lets the silver speak for itself. Digging into the material with somewhat aggressive action, balanced by meticulous hand polishing gives way to expressive textures that feel alive. Watching the nooks and crannies of each formation emerge is truly magical. Letting things unfold organically is essential to the creation of these mountains, and serves as something that can be carried with you.



I know that she sows each and every piece she creates with intention. I’m so grateful that she’s passed them on to me.
Daniel Berger

I love to learn about the energy and healing powers of each stone, and Val is very knowledgeable on the subject!
Tori Ciara

Valerie’s jewelry fits so many styles including bohemian and hippie but also classy and simple!
Elise Olmstead

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