Proper care for fine jewelry will insure its longevity. Be aware that metals do not like moisture! Always store jewelry in a clean, dry and safe location away from sharp or rough objects, including other jewelry, that can scratch it. Do not submerge jewelry in chlorine or salt water, as it will deteriorate and dull both the metal and gemstones much quicker. Also avoid contact with lotions, detergents, cleaning agents, perfume and other chemicals that could damage jewelry. 

Sterling Silver will tarnish over time with exposure to oxygen, so storing with an anti-tarnish pad in an airtight bag will slow this process down. If surface becomes tarnished, it can be easily cleaned with a polishing cloth. *Polishing cloths and anti-tarnish pads will be available for purchase*

Be aware of soft, porous gemstones such as Turquoise and Opal. They are very sensitive to moisture and chemical exposure, which can dull and discolor them over time. 


If maintenance is required for any jewelry purchased from Orion, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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