This new mode of communication and content delivery will help me keep things fresh and organized, while creating more space for community, discussion and further development of my shared process. Additionally, my Patreon will offer MASSIVE perks to my supporters.


Getting on Patreon was always something on my “eventually/when I’m ready” list, and a few moving parts have really motivated me to at least get it started now and grow it over time. As some of you may have noticed, the all powerful social media algorithms have been seriously whacked out lately. It’s soul crushing to put so much time and energy into posting content that just floats into the abyss never to be seen. I want to move away from being at the mercy of social media and into a platform that allows me to truly connect with my supporters in a much more sustainable way. 


Through this very direct support system, you are playing a major role in empowering my creative career and helping me not only continue on this path, but seriously elevate my trajectory. In exchange, I promise to deliver an exclusive and authentic look at what’s happening behind the scenes of Orion, with special offers JUST for Patreon supporters. Being that the success of this platform is entirely dependent on the community, and the connection between us all, I want to keep this dialogue very open. Your feedback supports the process and your encouragement really means everything to me!!!

All the Best,

Val Walis



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