The Bloomlight Collection is an embodiment of the music of Eggy; a rendering of the band’s vibrant melodies, radiating harmonies and most sincere lyrical stories into the wearable realm. This collection has become a living entity, well over a year since its inception. Time passed soaking in music with the intention of letting it speak through my hands, holding honest conversation and swapping ideas. 

Composing and building this collection has pushed the boundaries of my skills in so many directions, but I feel that it has expanded my creative jurisdiction even more. Working in a way that has tuned my listening in more ways than I could count.

The majority of the beads used in this collection have such a wide range of variety, with any given stone containing beads that look completely different from one another. Swapping out one or two single beads can easily change the look and feel of an entire bracelet. Almost every bead involved in these designs has this fascinating dynamic variation, where all the moving parts have to speak to each other and carry on a conversation. The space between these similarities and variations breathes life into this collection, giving a vague but familiar feeling of kinship, connection and closeness. The resemblance may speak louder than the different flavors, but the distinct identities are evident.

 I think this dynamic is representative of the band themselves; Four individuals with potent uniqueness in skill and style, who come together so seamlessly. Their communication is pure and fluid, it can only be a result of unmistakable closeness, like a band of brothers that can simply look at each other and instantly transmit their own thoughts and feelings to navigate each other through an electrified odyssey. Harmony, in every sense of the word, lives here in this space. Pure magic is formed when individuals can align in a way that allows this pure light and energy to be unbound, gleaming from one to the next, playing with it and passing it along to soar up above what any one individual could have imagined themselves. 

There is a real sense of openness and honesty that is palpable at any given Eggy show. This process of taking each other on a journey is something not only held within the band, but an open invitation for everyone in the room. The quickness to diverge and morph in spirit from heartfelt originals, to teasing iconic 80’s soundtracks and everywhere in between truly embodies “Waylessness.” They say a quest is a trip to accomplish a task, adventure is a trip without a destination, but a journey is when the trip is more important than the destination. Eggy embodies this whimsical, yet fearless spirit of adventure. Taking listeners along for the ride, catapulting into this special sort of dreamscape where anything can happen in the blink of an eye. This sense of fearless ambition allows the ignition of elements to soaring heights, riding the waves of the springtide until the journey feels complete. Whenever that point comes, everyone in the crowd is safely returned home, exactly where they need to be, tucked into bed with a gentle reminder to always hold their stories close.

Eggy’s songs all seem to carry a glimpse of nostalgia, somehow always meeting the listener exactly where they need to be, striking a familiar, needed chord. There is an undeniable sense of awareness and appreciation for the listener in that way. Humble masters in the art of storytelling, lyrics are wholehearted, sentimental and carry the spirit of the ephemeral Bloomlight. Budding with the promise of momentary magic amidst the Ebb and Flow of spring. After the slow build of a long dormancy comes a sudden burst of luminous light and life, introducing something brand new over and over again.

This idea of translating the energy of a live music experience into wearable items has been on my mind for years. My work always felt so closely tied to the music, especially when my business was almost entirely based around vending music festivals. These shared experiences are so deeply woven into the fabric of why I do what I do. I could see and feel the rush of insight those first few days back in the studio after a long weekend soaking in a ton of music all day and night, meeting new people and spending time with old friends. Diving deep to focus on this subtle undercurrent of inspiration and bringing it to the surface has been so fulfilling. I can’t express my gratitude enough to the Eggy family for bringing this project to life.

One thing that has been really important through this project is allowing all the elements of these collaborative experiences to soak into the collection; Integrating bits and pieces of others’ creative forces into the mix has produced a beautiful synthesis of ideas. Particularly, I wanted to say a huge thank you to Emily Walis ( @emwalis_glitznstone ) and Chris Quinn (@mightyquinnmedia ) for contributing their amazing photos for the Lookbook! 

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