10mL roller bottle
Coconut Oil, Idaho Grand Fir, Grapefruit and Bergamot Essential Oils

“What words can capture that smell? …The melancholy smell of summer slipping into fall, the smell of memory that makes you close your eyes for a moment, and then a moment longer.”
-Robin Wall Kimmerer

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This complex blend is captivating and invigorating, transporting the user deep into the raw and untamed wild. Perfectly balanced with masculine and feminine notes, hitting the harmony between rugged and luxurious. This blend emulates the warm embrace of the soft forest floor, a cozy bed of pine with the smoothness of splintered sunlight glistening over all the life that springs forth in this setting, yourself included. This guiding light is almost intoxicating in its depth, yet still grounded to the here and now, the land of the lush.


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