6 ¼”
8mm Malachite, 6x4mm Onyx, 6mm Onyx

This series echoes the deeply wild, elusive and untouched remnants of an ancient life, protected by a faithful band of towering trees. The Catskills are unique in their formation, a byproduct of some of the largest mountains the Earth has seen, the Acadian Range, built up layer by layer around 375 million years ago and gouged out by rivers and glaciers, giving way to what we have today. The story of the forests here is a reflection of the deep and complex physical history. These bracelets encompass the dark and mysterious spirit of the Catskills, most palpable just after the sun goes down.

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6 ¼”
8mm Malachite, 6x4mm Onyx, 6mm Onyx

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6”, 6 ½”, 7”


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