This bracelet encompasses the undeniably potent urge to kick off your shoes and just Shabuze, passing time feeling breezy and loose. A comfortable, durable item crafted for daily wear.

The Bloomlight Collection is an embodiment of the music of Eggy; a rendering of the band’s vibrant melodies, radiating harmonies and most sincere lyrical stories into the wearable realm. A deep exploration that began with soaking in music with the intention of letting it speak through my hands.

“Sweet Harriet, Sweet Harriet

I think I’m gonna be Shabuzen tonight”


Included with Purchase:

Handwritten Thank You + Tag with LE Bracelet Number + Surprise Gift + Exclusive Set of Bloomlight Collection Stickers and Cards

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8mm Matte Tiger’s Eye, 2x4mm Silver Leaf Jasper, 6mm Coffee Bean Jasper, 6mm Smoky Quartz,  6mm Lime Chrysoprase, 6mm Sterling Silver


“Sweet Harriet, Sweet Harriet

I think I’m gonna be Shabuzen tonight”

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6", 6¼”, 6 ½”, 6¾”, 7", I'm not sure, please help!


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